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The company

Universum was founded in 1988 and provides rich metadata solutions for the media industry. We give our customers the tools needed to accurately and consistently publish enriched program/event information in VOD/OTT players, set-top-boxes, apps, websites and in printed publications such as newspapers and magazines. We are today a leading provider of enriched metadata in the Nordics with customers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. An estimated 3 million households consume enriched metadata produced and delivered by Universum every day.

Universum's total metadata platform works to solve key customer requirements and challenges by establishing custom data deliveries via XML exports or APIs that suit the individual technical and commercial needs of our customers. The result is timely and accurate publication of rich metadata to end-users across linear and non-linear platforms.

The people

We are 32 dedicated metadata professionals with a wide range of expertise and together we have hundreds of years of experience of working with metadata delivery for EPG, VOD, Magazines and Newspapers.


Rune Skogeng is our CEO. He has 20+ years of experience from the TV and Media Industry from among others MTG/Viasat.

Phone: +47 906 80 169



Kjetil Furuly is our CTO. He has 20+ years of experience from the TV and Media Industry from among others Canal Digital and RiksTV.

Phone: +47 414 14 655


Our philosophy

We believe in a world where people have easy access to accurate and comprehensive information regarding what they are watching on TV and VOD, and where content discovery is as easy and relevant as possible

Our vision

To simplify people's everyday media consumption

Our mission

We build future-proof solutions that ensure perfect data delivery at all times 

Our values

Our values is our promise to partners and to ourselves. Our values is what defines us and what you shall come to expect from us.

1. Reliable 

You shall be able to trust that we always deliver the required quality within deadline

2. Listening

We listen intently to our surroundings, to market trends, and particularly to our customers

3. Innovative
We always innovate, and this shall benefit our customers. We are creative and we always find robust solutions to specific cases and customer needs 


4. Proactive
We cooperate closely with our customers and constantly seek to improve partnerships. We take initiative, and we suggest bespoke solutions and improvements for our customers  


5. Agile
We are adaptable. Our agile approach enables us to adjust course and reprioritize tasks on very short notice, and according to customer needs


6. Results oriented
We strive to be highly effective at all times, and we are driven by the desire to create concrete and measurable effects for our customers

Our way of working

The phrase that best describes the way we work is Collaborative Tech. We value tight communication and we wish for strong customer involvement in all projects. The reasons are simple;  

  • we ensure we address all your (changing) needs throughout the project

  • we typically build better products when there is strong customer involvement

  • enhanced learning and understanding


More specifically we will typically ask for frequent update and progress meetings in the project team, and we will integrate you into our Jira and Slack to ensure that everyday technical/operational communication flows and is logged.

Universum has chosen Scrum as its preferred agile framework. This means we run continuous two-week development sprints where we prioritize our backlog and run all the usual Scrum ceremonies. The framework enables us to quickly adjust course and to re-prioritize tasks between customers and projects

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