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EPG Data Providers

InFlow Media currently delivers enhanced EPG metadata for approximately 400+ TV and Radio channels including all channels distributed in the Nordic region and the main international channels. 

Data Fields

InFlow Media provides various technical metadata functionality on request, such as:


  • Series linking to enable automatic PVR recordings of an entire series/season

  • Catch-up restriction data to know which program to record for your archive services.

  • Start-over flags to enable start.over functionality in your services.

  • One master content ID to enable universal content search across all services whether they are deployed on the set-top-box, tablet or phone.

  • Editorial keywords which can be used to power the recommendation engine of your choice.

InFlow Media currently delivers metadata in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Finnish languages.

You can download a detailed overview of the various data fields we currently deliver for the EPG channels here.


InFlow Media has launched an artificial intelligence cropping service that automatically identifies the optimal focus point of any artwork before resizing and recropping the artwork according to your technical specifications - e.g. when converting artwork from landscape to portrait when no portrait picture is provided from the studio.


InFlow Media has delivered high-quality EPG metadata to international pay-TV platforms for more than 20 years via our proprietary database EDI+. The database is constantly being developed to ensure we stay ahead of the curve and meet tomorrow's stringent demands of our customers

You choose the business model that best suits your needs

InFlow Media offers two business models:


  • Flat monthly fee arrangement based on number of channels  and datafields delivered requirements

  • SLA value-based business model where each channel delivered is measured according to contractually agreed upon SLA parameters such as datafields, artwork requirements and delivery times. The business model is 100% transparent with 24/7 online customer access to an SLA calculation tool so that customers can track delivery quality and remuneration at any point in time.

Delivery formats and frequency

InFlow Media delivers quality checked and validated metadata according to your needs and specifications - both in terms of frequency, batch sizes and technical format. InFlow Media can deliver processed incremental updates down to every 5 minutes, or we can send full updates e.g. once per day if that better suits your needs.


We support multiple delivery technologies. We can push data in any you want to your FTP or you can pick it up from ours.

QA and monitoring

InFlow Media QA process and in-house built monitoring system ensures the delivery of quality.

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